Wellbeing Project - Pro.be

The Pro.be project, promoted by the University of Foggia, aims to promote wellbeing within the university.

Student wellbeing and that of the organisation is at the heart of the Foggia University’s vision.

The 2020-22 Strategic Plan states that ‘students shall be satisfied with the educational activities and services offered, and teaching, as well as technical and administrative staff, shall find satisfaction and motivation in what they do’ [translated from the original in Italian].

Some initiatives to promote wellbeing are already active at university level:

  • the newly established psychological counselling service for the entire Unifg community;
  • the Happiness labs, introduced in 2021 and replicated in 2022, are already planned for the following years. The aim is to enhance transversal skills useful for improving academic effectiveness and student wellbeing;
  • the establishment of the Unifg Play Area, which aims to promote and support the work-life balance of Foggia University employees, thus contributing to their personal and professional wellbeing.

The Pro.be. project is part of this vision.